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Enhance business performance and revolutionise market research to stay competitive, adapting seamlessly to evolving customer behaviours and preferences.
Empower your brokerage with data-driven insights on shoppers and malls, offering confident strategic guidance for business decisions.
Elevate your retail strategy with precise and successful approaches, identifying opportunities for store expansions while minimising risks and securing optimal leases.

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Enhance business performance and transform market research with access to competitor intelligence, shopper origin and footfall trends, and cohort analysis whilst maintaining a competitive edge.

Empower your brokerage to excel in mall acquisitions and optimise leasing strategies with up-to-date insights into visitor demographics, enabling effective strategy adaptation to market trends.

Elevate your store expansion, risk management, and lease optimisation with data-driven location selection, whilst leveraging precise date ranges and detailed competitor analyses for smarter retail decisions.

Traffic Trend

Monitor trends to understand footfall patterns, instantly compare the performance of up to three malls, and utilise cohort analysis charts and foot traffic data in studying and enhancing shopper retention strategies.

Visitor Origin

Delve into the demographics and unique attributes of the catchment areas surrounding malls, and gather valuable insights into the diverse backgrounds and preferences of potential visitors.

Visitor Demographic

With our market intelligence reports that track the trends of today and tomorrow, we help you with deep dive analyses into shopper profiles, uncovering key details such as age, gender, income levels and purchasing preferences.This enables you to develop and deploy targeted marketing strategies, ensuring maximum effectiveness and return on investments.

Why DataSense Mall Analytics

5.1Million Unique Device IDs

Optimise investment with accurate targeting of visitors and shoppers

Quarterly Refreshed Data

Stay on top of shopper trends with timely and up-to-date data

Unified Dashboard

Improve analytical workflows with multiple advanced analytics within a single module

Also Available with Mall Analytics

Traffic Trend

Gain insights into the distribution of visitors across different areas of the mall, optimising layout and services for improved customer flow

Visitor Retention Strategies

Develop and implement strategies to enhance visitor retention, fostering repeat visits and loyalty

Nearby Visitor Identification

Identify and analyse visitors from nearby areas to tailor marketing efforts and attract local traffic

Dwell Time Enhancement

Understand customer attraction to maximise dwell time and satisfaction through shopper engagement

Mall Demographic Profiling

Gain insights into the distribution of visitors across different areas of the mall, optimising layout and services for improved customer flow

Mall Summary Reports

Generate comprehensive reports summarising key metrics and performance indicators for informed decision making and strategy development

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