For Public Sector

Modernise the way you effect change

Cultivate efficiency by making informed decisions and streamlining workflows with our property data insights and valuation management solutions.

Product benefits

Update & Introduce Better Policies

Manage & Protect Your Property Portfolio

Increase trust and transparency through automated processes.

Improve Urban Planning through Data Insights

Innovate designs, policies and strategies with up-to-date data intelligence.

Reduce Costs & Increase Efficiencies

Improve operational excellence through digitalisation.


Manage your property portfolio and mitigate planning, routing and disasters though our geospatial data that analyses the current land user layers, property characteristics, occupancy analysis and classification as well as ownership data.

Mitigate Disasters

Protect your property portfolio and get a heads-up on possible trends through our accurate geospatial data and insights.

Better Decision Making

Gain complete insights into the surrounding geographical and population data before deciding your next move.


Get an instant estimate of current property market prices with our automated valuation model for faster and more accurate property evaluation.

Property evaluation with scale and reach

Valuations obtainable for both residential and commercial properties in Singapore and Malaysia at your fingertips.

Cost-effective service that produces high-reward outputs

Receive a quick appraisal report on your targeted real estate & properties with the least effort.

Custom Solutions

Our Data Warehousing & Management solutions help you consolidate data on the cloud for easy record-keeping and access, which ultimately enables speedy decision-making.

Make Faster Decisions

Save time and improve operations with our cloud-based platforms, allowing you to be on top of things anytime, anywhere.

Improve Process Efficiency

Level up your efficiency and reduce uncertainties for your warehousing requirements, which results in convenience for all parties.

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Data4Decisions Handbook 2022

Turning Real Estate Data into Actionable Insights

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Turning Real Estate Data into Actionable Insights

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