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Make confident decisions with our range of dynamic marketing solutions, performance-boosting resources and innovative proptech tools.

Product benefits

Collaborate with a Trusted PropTech Partner

Gain Access to a Digital Advertising Playground

Bring your projects to property seekers region-wide with online advertising, virtual viewing, and showcase events.

Profit from Modern Data & Technology Solutions

Access real-time sales data, automate your workflow and sales cycle, and benefit from data-driven insights on the property market.

Network with Real Estate Consultants

Enjoy unparalleled access to PropertyGuru’s in-house experts, with content creation and marketing services tailored to enhance your competitive edge.

Online Advertising

Maximise marketing exposure and generate leads with next-generation advertising solutions.

Boost Project Exposure

Get noticed by property seekers on our user-friendly and high-traffic platform through dedicated ad banners, featured mastheads, and homepage takeovers.

Collect High-Intent Leads

Secure and close highly qualified leads with our custom campaigns across different market segments.

Take it Virtual

Take your potential real estate & property buyers through a highly engaging 3D virtual tour experience.

Tap into the full market potential through a comprehensive suite of solutions covering the ABCs of breaking into China's property market.

Agent Acquisition

Connect and match with Chinese real estate agents and partners through virtual conferences and physical events.

Brand Engagement

Attract buyers in China & partner with popular key opinion leaders (KOLs), and claim ad space on China’s most-used apps and sites.

Consumer Acquisition

Engage high-net-worth buyers via online webinars and physical events designed for Chinese investors interested in overseas properties

Events and Awards

Connect with property seekers and agents at online and in-person events, and boost your competitive edge through Asia’s largest property awards programme.

Earn Regional Recognition

Give your team and their projects the mark of credibility and excellence through our transparent and impartial judging process.

Network With the Best in Southeast Asia and Beyond

Discover your targeted real estate & property key opinion leaders (KOLs) and establish your first warm intro to more connections.

Leverage PropertyGuru’s Marketing and Event Planning Expertise

Plan ahead and enhance your brand presence through our regional flagship property events.


Empower your business with vital property data for residential and commercial projects, to target the right audience and stand out from competitors.

Access Market Insights on the Go

Give your team and their projects the mark of credibility and excellence through our transparent and impartial judging process.

Stay Informed on All Things Real Estate

Stay ahead on all real estate & property news through our summarised dashboard of all things property related news & updates.

Leverage Holistic Data-Driven Intelligence

Combine and access customised data insights across the market and view everything within an all-in-one platform.

Marketing Services

We pair brand awareness with lead generation to create custom, impactful campaigns that reach different market segments. Furthermore, all this leverages our proprietary data, real-time campaign insights, and a fully managed service.

Access Rich Target Audience Data

Expand prospects and create more impactful campaigns through our database of over 35 million property seekers in Southeast Asia.

Leverage Data-Driven Strategies

We help highly effective campaigns and get better return-on-advertising-spend (ROAS) through our data-based insights.

Support Your Marketing with Content and Creative Services

Get a complete marketing package including content and copywriting, design and video production, and comprehensive communication strategies.

Resources to drive your business

Data4Decisions Handbook 2022

Turning Real Estate Data into Actionable Insights

Articles and Opinions

Turning Real Estate Data into Actionable Insights

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