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Identify new opportunities to expand your business

Achieve your real estate business goals by making informed decisions that are powered by 7 million rows of data.

Product benefits

Enhance Your Business with the Power of Big Data

Gain Deeper Understanding & Insights

Stay informed through our market intelligence reports that track the trends of today and tomorrow – all to help you make more informed business decisions.

Close Deals Faster

Increase efficiency and productivity with our data solutions that are designed specifically to help you achieve sales targets anytime, anywhere.


Get ahead of your competitors through our visual analytics dashboard that transforms data into actionable insights covering current market trends and unique buyer demographics.

Insights at Your Fingertips

Make better decisions with the help of DataSense to stay ahead of time with your fingertips by tracking real estate & property trends.

Get mobile and stay connected

Even when you are on the go, be on the fly quickly by accessing property details, insights, trends, and reports remotely.

Trusted data with holistic analytics

Gain complete perspective via our data-driven insights across markets on a single platform using plug-ins such as Map and more insightful customised data solutions.

Online Advertising

Maximise marketing exposure and generate leads with next-generation advertising solutions.

Boost Project Exposure

Get noticed by property seekers on our user-friendly and high-traffic platform through dedicated ad banners, featured mastheads, and homepage takeovers.

Collect High-Intent Leads

Secure and close highly qualified leads with our custom campaigns across different market segments.

Take it Virtual

Take your potential real estate & property buyers through a highly engaging 3D virtual tour experience.


An end-to-end Saas platform for full workflow automation, ensuring that you close more sales, faster.

Improve Lead Management on the Go

Capture leads through digital booking and documentation, real-time data and updates, and ROI tracking.

Access Immersive 3D Proptech Tools

Bring your customers straight to the sales gallery virtually anywhere with our immersive 3D proptech tool.

Finance Solutions

Get access to high volumes of quality mortgage applications through an afficient digitally-enabled application process.

Accelerated mortgage income

Access PropertyGuru’s unique real estate market place and agent community for a steady stream of mortgage applications.

Enhanced mortgage approval efficiency

Leverage PropertyGuru’s digitally-enabled mortgage application platform to gain approval process efficiencies.

Resources to drive your business

Data4Decisions Handbook 2022

Turning Real Estate Data into Actionable Insights

Articles and Opinions

Turning Real Estate Data into Actionable Insights

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