For Real Estate Valuers

Upgrade your valuation processes with modern solutions

Improve valuation workflow and accuracy by connecting to our trusted valuation ecosystem via our valuation management solutions platform.

Product benefits

Boost Your Valuation Process Efficiency

Improve Business Efficiencies

Increase productivity by closing more tasks in less time whilst avoiding fees and delays with manual labour reduction. Streamline your workflow using our integrated system.

Enhance Customer Relationships

Build better customer loyalty by improving customer experience through increased engagement and reduced turnaround time via ValueNet.

Strengthen Compliance Standards

Reduce risk and increase assurance on property revaluation regulatory compliance by gaining access to objective property data and customised workflows.


Analyse, track, manage and complete valuation reports on the cloud.

Digitalised Valuation Management

Increase efficiency and reduce cost with our SaaS solution for bankers and valuers, by digitalising and streamlining the real estate valuation process.

Seamless Portfolio Handling

Keep all your real estate & property valuation data in a quick & accessible dashboard for better decision making.

Efficient Case Management

Gain quick access to your valuation dashboard and quickly review case management.


Customise pricing structures and delivery options with our specially-designed quick property appraisal tool for faster and accurate property value estimates, based on quality data.

Quick & accurate valuations in just a few clicks

Precise automated estimated valuations based on comparable market analysis with the most recent transactions and multiple regression analysis.

Make confident business decisions backed by quality data

Our real estate & property appraisal tool sources high-quality data from the most updated verifiable sources.

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Data4Decisions Handbook 2022

Turning Real Estate Data into Actionable Insights

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Turning Real Estate Data into Actionable Insights

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